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freelance fullstack developer
Nuño Valencia Freelance
Fullstack Developer
Electronics Projects

Nuño Valencia Castrillo

Electrical and Electronics Engineer
FullStack Developer
Drouiz Entrepreneur


I am a Electronics and Electrical Control Engineer and I work as freelance, in the last years I have worker as FullStack Developer Internet of Things and Domotics Integration. I love the tecnology and the efficients buildings services systems, I fight for a high tech and eco world.

When I was five years old, the Wizar Kindongs (a Spanish Santa Claus) gave me my first computer a SONY MSX. I tried to program its in Basic and I imagined to control all my home with my computer, I imagined the actual future of internet of things and in thats early age I wanted be part of this. I worked in the familiar bussines and helped my father in electricals buildings services that time I learned about the requirements of the electrity works and electricians workers. In my adolescence, I reads all books pass through my hands of programming, electronics, physisc… and I began to program in Pascal (yeah, I am a really geek).

I choose to estude electronics because I can program a easy softwares and I am interested to leartn about the core of the computers, the semiconductors and the transsistors. My enginnering degree is a mix between electronics, electrical automatization and building services.

At Finish my University I began to work like freelance as Building Service Enginner to make projects, after I began a bussines with my father as CCTV and Alarm System integrators, the idea is use all our tools to connects electrical wires to offer our costumers a new services, we do not need an investment. At the same time a new client get a contratc to automatizate our firts building with PLCs. This projects changed my live and I began to learned to program JavaScritp, PHP, SQL… to made a Smart Buildings and Cities software, a Drouiz Project.

Freelancer Services

Actually I work as freelance to make electronics projects, some safe energy consultoring and FullStack Developer. If you want know more about my skills or my services as freelance please send me a email.