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Arduino Freelance Developer

Frelance Service as Arduino Developer

Freelance Arduino Develper
Freelance Arduino Develper

Arduino simple programs

I can program just the software of Arduino, I have experience with a lot of types of sensors and shields for Arduino. I have taught course for all ages about Arduino and Robotics.

Freelance Arduino for Internet of Things

One of my special services as Arduino Develper are implementations for internet of things ideas using WiFi, Ethernet or GPRS. This projects could be about domotics or smart cities, automotive, i-healt… all this ideas try to get information with sensors and to interact with  the environment.

Arduino Ehernet Shield
Arduino Ehernet Shield

Complex project with web intereraction

Some project of Ardino require some web integration, I can help you with the back and front end develping and a responsive design using a modern techonologies as NodeJS, AngularJS, ReacJS or Bootstrap. With a web interaction it show a good desingh and humant interface with charts and other elemens.

Electrincs design without Arduino

If you need a electronics project I can help you to desing somethings with Arduino or just Analogics or Digital Design using other differents componets.

Design of Analogic Devices

Analogic electronics are all device work with the electric signals whitout logic components. Some examples of analogic devices:

  • AC to DC  and DC to AC conversión  (Power suply).
  • Frecuency conversor.
  • Amplificators.
  • Mixers.
  • Power Electronics

All tipes of Electronics Devices

Combining digital electronics (with Arduino or others) and Analogics I can make all design of a electronics devices or get a multidisciplinar group to do the project.



PCB designer freelance
PCB designer freelance

If you need a PCB design of all project, I can work in this and make a prototype and give you the gerbers to fabrick the complete device.