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boostrap freelance designer

Bootstrap Designer Freelance

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a framework for creating web apps. Although it also can be used for designs mobile apps. As a freelance design or modify themes in bootstrap for any application.

Boostrap Designer Freelance
Boostrap Designer Freelance

Bootstrap is Responsive

Responsive is the new concept of web design all webs of this age must be adaptive to differents devices, phones, tablets or laptop. Bootstrap use a JavaScript and CSS technology. It shows different views based on the user’s device, the best quality of design with bootstrap is save time of development. A responsive web site or app is not better a user experience you can get a better SEO, Google gets more points of your site.

As a freelance I can help in your project with a good design and user experience theme in each different devices (phone, tablets and computers). I design my projects thinking in a good SEO and W3C validation.

Bootstrap Plugins

Other the bets attributes of Bootstraps is the community. In every technology the community develops and designs differents elements. In bootstrap we find a lot of elements we can use in our apps, like datepickers, colorpickers, charts, buttons… this element can integrate perfectly with the rest of the site.

bootstrap freelance designer elements colorpicker
bootstrap freelance designer elements colorpicker
bootstrap freelance designer elements datapicker
bootstrap freelance designer elements datapicke

My Services as Designer, Freelance

Freelance Service: App Mockup

I can develop all design of the app, we began to the mockup and I like to take decisions with my costumers: changing, removing and adding elements in real time. I have more that ten years experiences as freelance with differents business. (see my cv for more informatión).

mockup freelance service
mockup freelance service


Freelance Service: Wep and Movile App

If my costumer gets me a mockup I can design all web theme in based that format. The same thing we can work to change in real time all elements in the app. Sometimes a designers don´t thing in the same path of integrator´s and it is possible to collaborate and get a good work team.

Other Additional Services

I am a fullstack developer and I work with different technologies in the back and the front end or designing with other frameworks.

  • Front End Developer: I can program with JavaScritp and Jquery and developer using AngularJS and ReactJS, the front-end is important to combinning with the design.
  • Back End Developer: In back I develop with NodeJS and PHP, and with two diferents databases MongoDB and SQL databases.