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Work Experience

Entrepreneur, León (Spain) Business project oriented to new technologies specializing in building automation systems. ene. 13 – present Company Director

  • Electronics Projects: Design of electronics for specific customer applications, both analog and digital. Technologies used: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, analog electronics.
  • Technical Office: Desing and project manager of buildings services generally low voltage, climatization and heating.
  • Web design and programming: Applications for corporate web sites and systems for monitoring and control of data, especially for building automation and smart cities. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, PHP5, JavaScript, MySql, WordPress, Joomla, Apache Server.
  • Remotely controlled Engineering buildings services, smart cities, industries and farms controlled and monitored via the web.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy audits, energy certification of buildings and lighting studies with DianLux.

Conference about Domotics II Month of Digital Maker
León – Spain

FabLab, León (Spain) Digital Manufacturing Laboratory. ene. 13 – present Volunteer as a consultant in Electromechanical Engineering

  • Advising partners machinery: laser cut, 3D Milling, 3D printer, cutting plotter, 3D scanner.
  • Contributions as a specialist in electricity and electronics.
  • Making my own projects.
  • Driver of FaBuilding: R & D Project for SMEs engaged in real estate and more efficient and modern cities.
  • Contributing DojoEncoder: Project for teaching programming to children between 6 and 15 years.

Promoter of FaBuilding: In collaboration with Leon FabLab’ve created an open space to all persons and companies to contribute and create new models of buildings, issues such as home automation, smart cities, energy efficiency, passive houses, modular space are decorated … are present in this initiative.

E-CAT, Landivisiau (Bretagne) (France) Company dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for chicken farming. June. 12 – dec. 12 Electrical Engineer

  • Maintenance: Consulting with  English, Portuguese and Spanish speaking clients  of the correct  equipment to acquired.
  • Development of connections and electrical drawings using EPLAN-
  • Programming of PLCs in these machines.
  • Electrical Economic Survey.

Selfemployed, Leon (Spain) family business dec. 09 – May. 12 Electrical Engineer

  • Projects desing
  • Low-voltage electrical installations
  • Alarm systems, CCTV and security
  • Industrial automation
  • Energy efficiency.

TYPSA, Barcelona (Spain) Engineering and projects. dec. 07 – sea. 09 Electrical Engineering and Facilities. Project Emergency Electricity and electrical interconnections Prat International Airport.

  • Field Engineer
  • Monitoring and testing of all Central instalactions and services.
  • State and daily check on the progress of the work.
  • Checking galleries and medium voltage wiring and other facilities such as data cabling and lighting.
  • Trials and testing connections.
  • Other facilities such as firefighting, low voltage, heating, telecommunications …
  • Monthly reports on project status.

Article about CENAT (Spanish) Selfemployed, Leon (Spain) 99-1 dec. 07 Electrician

  • General low voltage installations.
  • Industrial facilities and automation.
  • Managing up to 30 people.
  • Dealing with clients.